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Autobahn Autoworx VW MK2 Golf Jetta GTI GLI 16V Intake

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VW MK2 Golf Jetta GTI GLI 16V Intake Hose

The Ultimate CIS Intake Boot Replacement, Steel Wire Re-Enforced One Piece

It’s finally here a replacement for the old cis boot. Replace your dry rotted cracked and leaking boot with this 4ply steel re-enforced silicone intake boot. Smoother idle and crisper acceleration.

2.0 9A 16V CIS

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Autobahn Autoworx Hose kits come with a 5yr warranty. Coolant hoses are all 3 ply. Boost hoses, Breather hoses, Isv, and Intake/ Inlets are all 4ply.

* Trimming may be required for desired fitment.