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Krabby Kraut

The Krabby Kraut is a 2001 VW Jetta that has over 15,000 laps /30,000 miles race miles under its belt. Powered by a 1.8t engine, this front wheel drive machine has been a true juggernaut in the series, racking up 15 weekend overall class trophies over 35 races with American Endurance Racing.

The car’s engine is STOCK, with the exception of fresh bottom end bearings and a rebuilt head. It ran the majority of its life with a K03 turbo, but was recently upgraded to a K04. Air delivery is from an Autobahn Autoworx inlet pipe. Tuned by CB tuning, it also has a custom intercooler setup, and it’s cooling system contains a stock radiator coupled to Autobahn Autoworx radiator hoses, and upgraded Autobahn Autoworx coolant flanges.

The car suspension and driveline consists of Porsche Boxster Brakes, KW Coilovers, USRT Control Arms, and a custom modified rear beam with 034 front bearings. The Rollcage was done by JPC Fabrication in Northeast PA.

Allen Briere


2006 VW GTI

SCCA Touring 3 Class


OE KO3 Turbo

Autobahn Autoworx complete coolant and vacuum hoses (Orange)

KONI Double Adjustable Shocks

Neuspeed intake & rear Swaybar

Alcon BBK

Hawk pads

ECS Tuning Innercooler, motor mounts, swaybar end links & steel brake lines

Milltek Race Exhaust

2020 – year built

2020 – New England SCCA Touring 3 Championship

2021 – 5 SCCA wins , 16th place at the SCCA National Championship Run Offs @ Indy

2022 – New England SCCA Touring 3 Championship

2023- 4 SCCA Podium Finishes, 17th at SCCA National Championship Run Offs @ VIR


Allen Briere

2012 VW Golf R

SCCA Touring 3 Class


OE KO4 Turbo

Autobahn Autoworx complete coolant and vacuum hoses (Green)

KONI custom Single Adjustable Shocks

Neuspeed intake

ECS Tuning rear Swaybar

Stoptech BBK

Hawk pads

ECS Tuning Innercooler, motor mounts, swaybar end links & steel brake lines

Custom Race Exhaust

2023 – year built

2024- 1st place in first race out. More to come!


 Aaron Stehly


Location: Minneapolis MN

Started Racing:  1999

Race Class:  SCCA T3

 Cars:    2006 VW GTI 2.0T

             2017 VW Golf R 2.0T

 BIO:   I began racing in 1999 and attended Skip Barber race school at Road America to acquire my SCCA competition license.  

 Being a classics MK1 MK2 enthusiast, I chose to race in ITB with a 1983 GTI.    This car taught me most of my mechanical skills as it was broken more than on track.  

 In 2007 we built a 1994 VW Sport Golf for ITB and found the magic formula.   That year we set track records at Road America, Blackhawk Farms and Brainerd International Raceway, finishing second in the Cen-Div championship.

 In 2008 we campaigned the Golf again to win the Cen-Div ITB Championship, finish 2nd place at the ARRC (American road race of champions) and win the National “ITB Triple Crown” championship.  

 In 2008 I tried out for the VW TDI Cup and was enlisted as a series alternate driver. 

 2009 we transitioned to Touring 3 with our current 2006 GTI.   With the support from APR, we placed 2nd at the June Sprints, won the Cen-Div Touring 3 Championship and placed 3rd at the SCCA National Runoffs Championship race.  

 We set Touring 3 track records at Blackhawk Farms and Road America that season.  

 2010-2012 we campaigned in SCCA STU class and also raced professionally in Grand-Am ST class with APR.

 Fast forward to today:  After a break for family and career, we returned to road racing and rebuilt the MK5 GTI to new T3 specs and are also finishing a fresh T3 build with a 2017 Golf R.  

 We trust Autobahn Autoworx hoses and products to keep our cars on track and reliable. The silicone hose kits fit the first time and come with some of the best hose clamps I have seen in kits (Norma style worm clamps) that do not “cut” into the hoses. These details matter when on track and away from the shop.  

 Additionally the bright colors (we choose pink) help us easily identify leaks while giving the car a fun splash of color.   Who doesn’t like color, right?

 Finally these kits come with every hose, even ones that we do not need or systems we have deleted on the race vehicles.    What this has allowed us is the flexibility to repurpose the hoses for other areas in the car.  PCV catch can?  Yup! We used an Autobahn hose for that too!  

 In short- it is such a good feeling to know that the products we run on our cars are built by fellow racers.   Travis knows what can happen at the race track and demands quality in the Autobahn Autoworx products to minimize these issues!



Mike Kelley
1986 VW Golf GTi
SCCA H-Production
1.8 8v
Autobahn Autoworx coolant hoses
Autobahn Autoworx clutch kit
Autobahn Autoworx Radiator and fans

Built originally in early 2000s rebuilt in 2017

  • 2017 mid atlantic road racing series (MARRS) rookie of the year
  • 2017 2nd in mid atlantic H-Production points
  • 2018 2nd in mid atlantic H-Production Points
  • 2018 Awarded the MARRS Frank B. Pohanka jr award for Outstanding Performance by a Washington, D. C. Region Member in an Owner Driven and Prepared Production Car or Sedan
  • 2019 8th in northeast majors conference points for H-Production and 8th at the national championship runoffs in H-Production
  • 2021 MARRS H-Production Champion

Taylor Hyatt

1987 VW Golf GTi
SCCA H-Production
1.8 8v (Built By Autobahn Autoworx)

Autobahn Autoworx coolant hoses
Autobahn Autoworx clutch kit
Autobahn Autoworx 020 Flywheel
Autobahn Autoworx Radiator and fans

  • 2021 MARRS Rookie of the year
  • 2021 2nd in MARRS H-Production Points
  • 2022 3rd in MARRS H-Production Points


James Apgar 

Mk2 VW Jetta 2.0 8v Turbo

James Apgar is a highly competitive hillclimb/time attack driver from Pennsylvania trying to make an impact on the world of motorsports. James discover his love of motorsports at an early age and competed in various forms of road racing and motorsports.
James has competed in everything from go-kart racing series, autox, time attack and 12 endurance races.
He came up through the ranks of the scca autox divisions achieving many podium and 1st place finishes. Finishing in the top 3 multiple times in the points championships 
Known for his great sportsmanship and positive attitude, he knows the importance of working with the right people to get the best results racing from his crew to tuners and his sponsors who have been instrumental in his racing success.
Never ready to settle he continues driver training amd development in pursuit of his dreams.